Monday, 9 January 2012

Honda Win 100

Honda Win Modification Honda Win 100
Honda Win 100 in the arena created for all conditions up to the toughest field once, so if in normal use only, Honda Win 100 it will feelrelaxed in his work, to create strong parts in the folded lifetimea notdamaged damaged. The user after wearing a while, will feel theexcess honda win this, because they will compare with themotorcycle class. Honda Win 100 is exactly the content of just 97 cc cylinder, buthas the power and torque (twisting momant) great especially onthe first beat of motion, suitable in use in the mountains or in the countryside with the ridge trail or off road though, because thebody shape The slim tall and had relatively long axis between the two wheels. In essence honda riders are felt to win easily andswiftly, to down the steep terrain, or otherwise climbing a steepincline. is disign for it, Honda Win 100 make use of wheels with 2 size,front wheel 18 “rear wheels are 17″, this compositional allowing Honda Win 100 easy to explore the terrain, and comfortable ride.

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