Saturday, 17 March 2012

Modification winner Mio Club Depok ( MCD )

Modification of the motor is one job that will never be devoid of interest. How not to ... every year and even the moon is always a change of trend and style modifications to the motor. start of the new spare parts that came on the market until the discovery of how to modify the engine. 
Not infrequently, sometimes we get confused in choosing the trend in motor modifications that we have, especially matic. there are lots of streams da motor model modifications in the offer. well, here I will try to show the modified motor yamaha mio 2012 that appeared in the contest and has won several champions in a variety of events, hopefully you can be a source of inspiration
Pemenang Modifkasi Mio Club Depok ( MCD )  
Full Custom Mio 2012 results Appear in the contest commemorating the Birthday Club Mio Depok (MCD)
  • specification modif:
  • Tires 120/14 front
  • 140/14 rear tire
  • double rear Disc Brake Disc right - left
  • All original body in exchange for full custom
  • Brembo crangkas cover
  • Consul Boxes
  • custom mirrors
  • cover hubcaps
  • adjustable handle

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