Monday, 19 March 2012

Modifikasi Honda CBR1000RR Elegan

Gambar Foto Modifikasi Honda CBR1000RR Elegan

Well, it inspired bikes or indeed want to join World Super Bike 2013 event? That's the question that arises when we visited the residence of a young businessman, Roy Andrew Hanjaya (24), last week, and see hang-looking Honda CBR1000RR superbike this. After scrutiny, it turns out the standard basis MOGE has been ridden by a man from Surabaya degree appear because the default is not qualified.

Touch any of the body starts using HRC Superbike series model home modifications made New Motor Sport (BMS). Not satisfied there, the man who claimed to be the new 5-month return on a motorcycle after an accident 8 years ago, it put the carbon in the frame cover, arm, sprocker, rear fender to the engine cover of the Puig to confirm the impression of sport. To be more luxurious look, Gold accents seem attached to the CBR1000 through rhizomes accessories on handgrip, footstep, brake oil tube (reservoir) front and rear.

"Because of rising levels already, of course I also want to improve acceleration," said the maniac youth who previously had this speed and the CBR250R. Thus, to boost performance fuel controller was installed Bazzaz (stage 1), Boom Bazzaz injection controller (stage 2), as well as MGP exhaust carbon.

To align the performance and appearance, the legs also got a change. At the next fork model up-side down and use Ohlins TTX rear monoshock. "Well, the rim of this, a special addition to a fantastic price also gets pretty difficult," explained a member of Indonesia's CBR Club.

The front wheel uses full carbon rim BST Limited 3.5x17, and 6.25x17 to the rear, and wrapped by Mettzeler Raceteck slick tires 120 \ 70-17 front and 190 \ 55-17 behind. To reduce speed, Brembo brake caliper CBR1000 rely nickel cadmium for hp Brembo billet front and behind.

Reasonable to say to all the changes on this bike takes a staggering figure. "To be able to look like this, about his budget of Rp 200 million. The manufacture still only 1 month because of all the parts is quite easy to get," one commentator owner of a vehicle dealer in Sidoarjo.

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