Saturday, 17 March 2012

Honda New Megapro Full Fairing Modification

New Honda Megapro Full Fairing here look perfect with the HRC sticker custom bike design modifications, you can see the big banana swing arm modification. The Modification also has designed in the modification of motor racing monoshock and Moto GP custom bodies. When you are driving on the road Will you feel the atmosphere Moto GP That Because of the design is applied to this custom motorcycle.
Megapro  Full Fairing ModificationModified Honda Moto GP Megapro That Is created with a full sports fairing fiberglass modifications give the impression at the new sports motorcycle show. At the right side of this Honda Moto GP Megapro fairing right side, there is a custom motorcycle exhaust modifications Yoshimura That give the best sound engine at this Honda Mega Pro.

For Those Who Are of you looking for inspiration on how to modify the new mega pro with Full Fairing, below is a picture other modifications
Honda New Megapro Full Fairing Modification

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