Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yamaha V-ixion Full Fairing Modification

Not a few men who like sport bikes or sport bikes more priority than other types of motors, maybe it's because they feel more manly when riding a motor sport is. But what happens if the motor is less sporty?, Well ... the only way is to modify.

before making modifications to our favorite motorcycle of course a lot of things we need to know before, ranging from electrical methods, speed racing, body, light / speedometer / clutch / handlebar / keys / plugs / Footstep, exhaust, Modified Gear Ratio, Alarm / horn modifications to the general accesories. Well... if it was all we understand is needed next is a brilliant creations for your favorite bike modification in order to become more powerful and attractive when viewed.

For Those Who Are of you looking for inspiration on how to modify the Yamaha V-Ixion, you can see and value themselves midifikasi pictures below.
Yamaha V-ixion Full Fairing Modification
Yamaha V-ixion Full Fairing Modification

Yamaha V-ixion Modification

Yamaha V-ixion Ala R6 Modification

Motor: 2009 Yamaha V-ixion.
Body Full Set: Galvanized Plate, 0.8 mm.
Headlights: Minerva.
Rear lights: Yamaha Jupiter Z
Swing Arm: Kwagen Custom Products.
Exhaust: Custom Products Kwagen.
Future Shock: Up side Down Aprilia RS. 125.
Front and Rear wheels: Aprilia RS. 125.
Tires Front: Deli Tire Swallow 10/80/70/17.
Rear Tires: 130/70/17 IRC.
Foot Pag: Yoshimura
Workshop Modifications: Custom Tauco

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